Weekly Reading March 7, 2021

Mutual Attraction is a hexagram I may have seen a different way earlier in life. In many translations of the I Ching it is interpreted as a sign that a romantic mate has been found, but I found mine a long time ago. Lake over Mountain is supposed to signify the man as the mountain supporting the woman as the lake. I have seen the opposite in many relationships romantic or otherwise. I have a few issues with this interpretation, so I looked up a few more sources.

I found words like Resonance, Influence, Open Heart.

This is a reading about how you are relating to others, how you resonate with each other. The universal force of attraction draws people together for a common purpose. Creating long-lasting relationships will bring success as long as you conduct yourself with modesty and stay devoid of all ulterior motives. It is through this way of creating relationships, and not your hierarchical status or perceived power that you will gain influence.

In groups or in your own relationships, meet others with proper thought and action so resonance and harmony is created, and in this way influence is achieved. Cling to gentleness and humility.

And underlining all of this message, is the reminder to keep an open heart.