Weekly Reading March 28, 2021

This week’s card comes from the Nocturna Tarot. For more info about the tools I use in my practice please visit my “tools of the locksmith” page. (https://theramblinglocksmith.com/tools-of-the-locksmith/)

I was putting back last week’s Balance cards when this Nautilus popped right out at me. Such an amazing creature who has endured for millions of years through a sacred geometry of chambered sections in a Fibonacci spiral. As it grows it adds new chambers to support itself. What can this teach us this week?

I think we can look within ourselves to ancient wisdom we have forgotten that teaches us to endure, and also look for examples of long forgotten sacred geometry in the areas of our own lives.

Is there a truth you used to live by that had gone by the wayside in your later years? Is there a person in your life or your team that has not spoke up in a while but could provide the key to a whole new phase of things? What chambers have you been adding to support yourself as you grow.

What is your sacred geometry? The key to that could be the key to many things.