Weekly Reading, May 31, 2021

Grief and Sorrow and how to Breakthrough

This week’s reading was done using the Voyager Tarot by James Wanless in which the 6 of Cups represents Sorrow. Sorrow is a result of an emptiness from the past which could be due to a reversal, a separation, or a loss. It is usually a deeper feeling for us than just being disappointed by something in our daily lives, sometimes its very deep and is even grief.

There are many views on how to overcome sorrow. Sorrow is not necessarily depression. Sorrow is attached to a specific event from our past that left us feeling empty, represented by the vase overturned with purple flowers of grief pouring out. We need to feel sorrow and process grief, but we can not stay there, and some of us have a very hard time letting go of sorrow. Its one of the main reasons we are attached to our past and cannot live in the present moment. We might feel that letting go of sorrow means we are ok with what happened to us to feel so empty.

This reading offers a strategy of changing your perspective on letting go of sorrow. On the one hand The Hanged Man can be referring to the reversal itself. But then for me the Breakthrough represented by the 7 of Worlds afterward does not make sense intuitively. The Hanged Man represents a transformation through a reversal or a different perspective, one could even say an upside down perspective. It is the possibility of achieving a breakthrough from sorrow in an unpredictable way, or we could say in a way you haven’t looked at or tried yet.

The Hanged Man achieves transformation through passive surrender and not forceful resistance. In order to achieve this breakthrough, this release, we must transcend the ego and achieve a greater connection with the universe, or a higher power. It is a gradual letting go of this sorrow to join the present moment, which is the only place we get to connect with the universe.

It sounds so simple, but may take study, perseverance, and patience to achieve. If this is a reading that speaks to you I encourage you to be patient with yourself, and start to learn what the Hanged Man perspective might be that will help you.