The Point

Slogging across dewy fields of tall grass she faltered 
searching through mossy swamps
she got lost in the depths
of her own thoughts

She pierced herself on her own pointed arrow
that she spent a good amount of her life staring at and sharpening
with her mind

And she perished this way

And the world kept turning
and the grass continued to grow high
and confuse those who wandered through it

This angered her
how could she not be the key to the grass and the swamp and the arrow
how could she spend her life dedicated to slogging through these fields
and sharpening this arrow
when its point only directed her own path in the end

She was not the solution, she was only her solution
and this sorrowed her

She was missing something big
she had searched for that something big
until she perished and never found it
all the while not seeing that
all she had to do was……

look up.

The grass isn’t meant to be sorted through…its meant to grow
There is no secret in the swamp
The arrow is not the way.

You are part of the path only if you look up
and see that you are not the only one walking it

look to the stars to see this
look to link souls with other beings to learn this
until you learn this
stop sharpening your arrow
and look up.

The basic lizard

The basic lizard
flies its colors
whenever it wants

It zigs, it zags
It complains
by shedding its skin
and becomes next level extra

It wishes it was a snake
but its not that smooth

it sees the cracks
and escape routes
It survives and
takes pleasure in
the sun with
infrequent blasts
of joy
and corniness

Its laughter is so rusted
it sounds like ancient wood and nails
in doorways
that don’t need to be opened or confronted
because you can shed a tail and slide through them

But its basic lizard laughter all the same
And it has served its purpose