the hunter 1

come near 
and I will trip over some words

a plaid promise that weaves in and out
of different colors
until the story is told

approach and wonder
at the moonbeams falling through trees
which point like leafy fingers
to the stars

don’t cower in the shadows
you will never be able to hear
syllables drip from my mouth
and hit the soft ground
like thuds of paws running In strategic stealth

kneel closer so the scent of anticipation
looms in the still night air between us
and heated hearts draw nearer and nearer still

Now crouch as I circle and stalk you
you’ve never felt so hunted
I’ve never felt so close
to the prey
that I never knew I wanted

the prey that drives my thirst
and without which I’m no hunter
just another lonely stalker
on a forgotten path
to the moon