Weekly Reading, April 11, 2021

This week’s cards come from The Wild Unknown Archetypes Oracle. You can read more about the tools I use on my tools of the locksmith page.

Reading from bottom to top we have the Archetype of the Mother, the source, the feminine. Next we have the Initiation of Thanatos, so pretty much death, and in this aspect of death we acknowledge its transformative nature, not just of the being that experiences the end of cycles, but for those who transition to a life without them. And last we have the Initiation of Anima Mundi, or the soul of the world, all that is, and the principle of Accept all, reject none. This last card relates well to the Universe card of the standard Tarot.

I spent a lot of energy this weekend delving into the world of Zen meditation. Trying to stay in the present moment using all of my senses, and connecting with myself as I am, which is in essence connecting with the universe. We can only make this connection when we are in the present moment, not when we are stuck in the past, and not when we are searching for the future.

I think this is what this week’s reading points to. We should acknowledge where we have come from, but release any power the past holds over us. We should hold hope for the future, but try to stay in the present moment. In doing so we can find our place in the Anima Mundi.

How will you try to stay in the present moment this week? Where you find your connection with the Anima Mundi?