Weekly Reading, June 13, 2021

Trying to do too much at once?

This week I’m sharing a portion of a clarity reading I did for myself. The beginning of the spread is about what is distracting you and what to focus on instead. For my reading I got the Emperor as a distraction, and the Four of Crystals, (which is normally the suit of swords representing mental attributes.). The Four of crystals in the Voyager deck is called Logic.

It would be easy to assume that the Emperor is a male authority figure, but I get the Emperor a lot in my readings and it usually represents me. This is the benefit of getting to know yourself through multiple readings. One might even say it brings clarity. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

So if I’m the Emperor, what’s the distraction? This I intuited from the follow on card of the Four of Crystals. Interestingly enough, the four of crystals relates to the Emperor since the Emperor’s number is four. This card brings the idea of organization and structured thinking, or placing raw ideas in a pattern or structure so you can see each one and its relationship to the other ideas before deciding what to do next. It’s the ability to make a clear judgement on something.

From this reading for me the message is don’t try to improve all areas at once, or implement all ideas at once. Take a beat to organize and look for patterns before proceeding, and the best path forward may seem clearer, or less overwhelming.

It’s a reading that can apply in many situations, where can you use the Four of Crystals to bring clarity this week?