Weekly Reading, August 8, 2021

Happy Lions Gate!

This week I pulled Oracle cards from Three Different Decks. The Enchanted Map Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid, The Angels and Ancestors Oracle by Kyle Gray, and The Wild Unknown Archetype Oracle by Kim Krans.

I feel the message is short and sweet, but can lead you to a profound question at the same time. From the Enchanted Map Oracle I pulled the Listening Card – this is the Action for this week.

From the Angels and Ancestors I pulled the Drum warrior symbol and the Earth Mother sacred one – this is the Focus for the week.

Finally I pulled The One Archetype from the Wild Unknown Archetypes – this is the result of following this weeks advice.

Put it all together and what does it spell? (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.) Listen to your own drum beating – it is the drum of your connection to this earth. If you can focus on the sound of your own drum – you may find a path to experience a connection with The One – which may refer to enlightenment, the holy spirit, the divine, or however you experience this.

What is the beat of your drum? Is it the sound of your own breathing? Your own heartbeat? Are you connected enough with your present moment to hear this? Is it the sound of your footsteps falling as you put one foot in front of the other? Is the sound of you preparing a meal? Playing a song?

Listen to this beat, try to sync up with this beat, connect to this and you may find more than just the next step on your journey. You may find peace, even if its only momentary.

With much love!

Weekly Reading March 28, 2021

This week’s card comes from the Nocturna Tarot. For more info about the tools I use in my practice please visit my “tools of the locksmith” page. (https://theramblinglocksmith.com/tools-of-the-locksmith/)

I was putting back last week’s Balance cards when this Nautilus popped right out at me. Such an amazing creature who has endured for millions of years through a sacred geometry of chambered sections in a Fibonacci spiral. As it grows it adds new chambers to support itself. What can this teach us this week?

I think we can look within ourselves to ancient wisdom we have forgotten that teaches us to endure, and also look for examples of long forgotten sacred geometry in the areas of our own lives.

Is there a truth you used to live by that had gone by the wayside in your later years? Is there a person in your life or your team that has not spoke up in a while but could provide the key to a whole new phase of things? What chambers have you been adding to support yourself as you grow.

What is your sacred geometry? The key to that could be the key to many things.

Weekly Reading March 14, 2021

This week I chose the Literary Witches Oracle for my weekly reading and drew the card of Maria Sabina. She is considered the greatest shaman-poet or Wise One of the Mazatec language. She could not read or write and lived in poverty in the mountains of southern Mexico.

The focus of this card is healing, and Maria was a powerful healer. She can be seen as a priestess and the divine feminine- using all of the resources of the mind, body, emotions, and soul at her disposal to be of service to her community and to others. She is a poet, using all of the resources at her disposal to inspire and heal through words that she spoke but never wrote down.

I think all of us seek to be healers, at the very least of ourselves. I think most people want to heal others also, and this week I would set the focus on this and realizing how many different ways there are of healing, and how many medicines we have at our disposal.

This can be as small as saying thank you, or as large as finally telling someone the message they have been waiting to receive for years. It can mean physically healing through exercise and rest. It can mean creating something like poetry that heals the emotions and the spirit. It can mean creating a new framework for thinking about something that heals the mind or allows people to heal by seeing the same vision, and brings them together.

What tools will you use to heal yourself and others this week?