the map

my heavy heart
is swift of foot
but somehow lies dormant

under red sands
and marbled skies
for many many sunsets

fried over
it’s hard to recognize
the scars
after they bake
in the sun
for years and years

one scar bleeds
into the next
until they form
a picture

if you examine
the picture
at different angles
it’s both a secret symbol


a map
back down
to where
the sources
of scars
lie buried
in the sand

shattered owl

shattered owl why do you weep so sweetly
attend to your broken feathers
that stick out like shards
waiting to cut
the next one to come near you

let your sorrow seep out slowly
not in a gust of words without mindfulness or compassion
or without kind attention to the strength of their candor

concatenated tears can be beautiful prisms in the moonlight
once you see the beauty in them
use their strength to heal your mournful yowl

there is strength in tears
pain does not need to be our proverb

Weekly Reading – July 18, 2021

The Page of Swords – A Key to Innovation

This week in one of my personal readings I drew the Page of Swords using the Tarot of the Divine. This card can be the harbinger of new ideas coming from a place of wit and optimism. The story behind the card in the Tarot of the Divine is that of Princess Parizade – an Arabic folktale.

A quick summary of the story is that Princess Parizade and her two brothers were set adrift on the river by their mother’s jealous sisters. A royal gardener raised them, but one day passed away and they weren’t sure who would care for them. One day Parizade was kind to an old woman who let her know about three magical objects at the top of a mountain. In order to reach the top of the mountain they would have to ignore the taunts of spirits, for if they didn’t they would be turned to stone and never reach the top. The two brothers insisted on going on the journey without Parizade, but they were unable to ignore the taunts and turned to stone. Parizade tried next. Using all of her courage and her own “Medicine”, or ideas, she decide to stick wax in her ears so she could not hear the taunts – she climbed the mountain and as the taunts came she laughed at them. She reached the top of the mountain and received the three magic objects that allowed her to heal her brothers, heal the Gardner’s garden, and discover their true lineage and return them to the home of the Sultan. It was then that they were reunited with their mother.

I decided to pull some cards from one of my favorite Oracles – the Literary Witches Oracle – to understand the page of swords further, and what I needed to unlock it. I pulled Maria Sabina who knew a thing or two about healing medicine. She was a powerful shamanic healer who used psilocybin as part of her medicine, as well as the power of her poetry. She lived in the mountains of southern Mexico.

I find it interesting that I pulled an “old woman” from a mountain with a magical story to help understand this since that’s exactly what happened in the story. Even more interesting that it emphasizes non-traditional medicine and healing a key to unlocking your own innovation.

This week I encourage you to use your own non-traditional medicine, what ever that may be, to find keys to innovation. Maybe its innovation in your own healing process, maybe its innovation in how to help others heal. Maybe its storytelling and poetry as medicine that unlocks new ideas for you.

Whatever that is trust that medicine, and you will find your own magic objects at the top of your own mountain.

the hunter 1

come near 
and I will trip over some words

a plaid promise that weaves in and out
of different colors
until the story is told

approach and wonder
at the moonbeams falling through trees
which point like leafy fingers
to the stars

don’t cower in the shadows
you will never be able to hear
syllables drip from my mouth
and hit the soft ground
like thuds of paws running In strategic stealth

kneel closer so the scent of anticipation
looms in the still night air between us
and heated hearts draw nearer and nearer still

Now crouch as I circle and stalk you
you’ve never felt so hunted
I’ve never felt so close
to the prey
that I never knew I wanted

the prey that drives my thirst
and without which I’m no hunter
just another lonely stalker
on a forgotten path
to the moon

The third step

the 3rd step was not the first step
but I took it anyway

slowly but with strong willed intention
my surefooted strength found solidity
not on rooted ground
but in a step
on a stair
not frequented

the tool chest was old
that made the 3rd step
but the step was made well
and in a strong measured fashion

so I thanked the tool maker
with my folded fingers
and took the 3rd step
which was not the first step
and found solid footing again

My madness is catchy

effortless fall
slim attitude freedom
slums of solitude
and frank forgiveness

no neck cowardice
leonine simplicity
matter of fact rage
faulty anger
and last but not least
misunderstood kindness

stuttered on the wind of terrors
and uttered over flames
of fires no longer burning
but still singeing our souls

I grope my mind for my
own madness
and hope I can find it

Weekly Reading March 14, 2021

This week I chose the Literary Witches Oracle for my weekly reading and drew the card of Maria Sabina. She is considered the greatest shaman-poet or Wise One of the Mazatec language. She could not read or write and lived in poverty in the mountains of southern Mexico.

The focus of this card is healing, and Maria was a powerful healer. She can be seen as a priestess and the divine feminine- using all of the resources of the mind, body, emotions, and soul at her disposal to be of service to her community and to others. She is a poet, using all of the resources at her disposal to inspire and heal through words that she spoke but never wrote down.

I think all of us seek to be healers, at the very least of ourselves. I think most people want to heal others also, and this week I would set the focus on this and realizing how many different ways there are of healing, and how many medicines we have at our disposal.

This can be as small as saying thank you, or as large as finally telling someone the message they have been waiting to receive for years. It can mean physically healing through exercise and rest. It can mean creating something like poetry that heals the emotions and the spirit. It can mean creating a new framework for thinking about something that heals the mind or allows people to heal by seeing the same vision, and brings them together.

What tools will you use to heal yourself and others this week?