Weekly Reading, May 16, 2021

This week I decided to do a random one card draw from the Osho Zen Tarot and try to find a similar concept in the I Ching.

The Osho Zen Tarot is a Tarot deck which uses the basic structure of the tarot, but replaces a lot of the cards with very different concepts that are based in Zen with quotes from books by Osho.

The concepts are very interesting in this deck, but when I looked for a similar concept in the I Ching I found more of a how to behind the concept which is interesting.

This card is called Past Lives and is in the spot of the Tarot normally reserved for The Moon. The text of the guidebook mentions that while it is exciting to think about what our past lives might have been like, the real work in this life is to understand our own karmic patterns, and how we might be trapped in them.

Based on my own experience, by using deep meditation and asking the right questions we can become aware of these patterns and find answers that may help us break these cycles that do not serve us. Some of these answers may be deeply buried in our own subconscious, and we may need to wait until the right time in our lives to be able to receive this knowledge.

Paging through the vast knowledge of the I Ching I found two helpful tools or concepts in accessing the ability to break out of karmic patterns.

The first is Hexagram 20 – Wind Above, Earth Below – and is called Overview. The tool here is the ability to keep still and observe what is deep and what is shallow. This comes from cultivating a practice of stillness with awareness. In observing true nature of things we can begin to become aware of cycles both internally and externally. At this stage we don’t do anything it’s with the cycles we observe, we just learn to observe them which in and of itself takes practice.

The second is Hexagram 48 – The Well. The well is a symbol of inexhaustible nourishment throughout many cultures. In order to tap into our essential nature we must dive deep within ourselves to produce clarity and penetrate our problems and self development is the key to this, as well as potentially slowing down to allow the time to dig deep.

I hope you have enjoyed this exploration, when we cross reference tools and cultures we never know what we might find. This week I wish for you the ability to find some stillness so that you may dig deep into the the knowledge of your own well, and discover something of your own karmic patterns.

Weekly Reading, April 18, 2021

Community is Compassion + Support

This week I used a combination of the Literary Witches Oracle deck and the I Ching to explore how to connect more with the divine feminine. (For more on the tools I use please visit the tools of the locksmith page. (https://theramblinglocksmith.com/tools-of-the-locksmith/)

I’m doing this because I believe that the standard leader as an authority figure paradigm is not effective. Authority is not the only way to show strength. Compassion and community also show strength, and so I often look for ways to strengthen team leadership through inviting not only strong intentions, but the ability to be receptive.

First the Literary Witches – a teacup with Leslie Marmon Silko who represents community. When I think about sitting down for others with tea I often think of this as a way to establish community. If you are sitting down for tea, in my mind you are sitting down to share stories and listen to one another. Leslie Marmon Silko shares the stories of her own Native community of the Laguna Pueblo as well as those passed down through her own family. I love the image of sitting down with her over tea to hear all she has to share. Over the course of the pandemic I have started having some of my friend over two or three at a time for socially distanced tea in my backyard.

There are more things than just having tea that we can do to create community, a common dream, a common fight for justice, a common goal on a project or team, a common vision. The work community has the word common embedded in it. Its a shared vision, shared resources, shares support, the ability to listen to and support each other. To strengthen this reading I went to the I Ching which never disappoints me.

The first Hexagram was Hexagram 17 – Following (Lake above, Thunders Below) ( Changing lines 1 and 4). The message is that choosing to follow good influence brings supreme success. Those who want people to follow them and lead in a strong way need to speak the language of the followers.

  • Do not bend on your basic principles, but listen to the common good to form the eventual course of those you are leading.
  • Self aggrandizement and ego will only be met with resistance, a strong leader checks his/her ego and listens to those around them

Changing line 1 – When a person of vision undertakes a challenge they may need to change course. If this comes from sincere communication with those of different opinions and not just current opinion success will follow. You should be listening to those of dissenting and supporting opinions to decide when to change course, not just those who agree with you – because..

Changing line 4 – Beware of flatterers. They will have a subtle but destructive influence. An insincere viewpoint is not a helpful viewpoint, be wary of insincerity and do not consider it as part of the the overall course of action.

Listen to your community, all of your community. Have that cup of tea with those who don’t agree with you. As long as they are sincere, differing opinions are very important to sharing our visions and goals, and to creating a strong team.

The resulting hexagram from the changing lines is #8 – Holding Together – Water above, Earth Below. High level team work is achieved when the right team shares a clear goal at the right time. The relationships of a team are formed in a delicate manner, chemistry can come from shared experience.

Accept the structure of the team if you want to receive its benefits, and take the responsibility of binding people together. Create community on your team and a strong performing team is sure to follow.

Weekly Reading March 7, 2021

Mutual Attraction is a hexagram I may have seen a different way earlier in life. In many translations of the I Ching it is interpreted as a sign that a romantic mate has been found, but I found mine a long time ago. Lake over Mountain is supposed to signify the man as the mountain supporting the woman as the lake. I have seen the opposite in many relationships romantic or otherwise. I have a few issues with this interpretation, so I looked up a few more sources.

I found words like Resonance, Influence, Open Heart.

This is a reading about how you are relating to others, how you resonate with each other. The universal force of attraction draws people together for a common purpose. Creating long-lasting relationships will bring success as long as you conduct yourself with modesty and stay devoid of all ulterior motives. It is through this way of creating relationships, and not your hierarchical status or perceived power that you will gain influence.

In groups or in your own relationships, meet others with proper thought and action so resonance and harmony is created, and in this way influence is achieved. Cling to gentleness and humility.

And underlining all of this message, is the reminder to keep an open heart.