Weekly Reading, April 5, 2021

The Mother of Roots

This week my reading is a three card spread using the Brady Tarot. I think it may be a doozy, but lets see.

My original intention was to do a spread representing the root, the heart and the crown, and I drew a root alright, the Mother of Roots who correlates to the Queen of Pentacles or Coins in more traditional decks. More on her in a bit, but I think you could read this two ways, one as a story with a beginning, an action and a result and one as a root, heart, crown. Lets dive in!

First lets focus on the Mother of Roots as she is the star of this reading, and if were to pick a card of these three to take into the week with me its this one. Here a Mexican Honeypot Ant queen and drones is shown. The queen is holding up the an egg that looks like the number for the fool, ready to start the souls journey. She has built the most nourishing environment and sacrificed her wings for the good and preservation of the colony. She is a person who readily sacrifices for the good of others.

There are three ways to look at this person, one is as the ant showing mindful preparation:

  • The ant in the grass hopper and the ant fable
  • The Hopi creation story where the Ant people hid the Hopi people underground during the destruction of the first two worlds by fire and then by ice, going hungry themselves

A second is the ant as a messenger. This mother is about the send the fool out to communicate with who? It could be the world, it could be her own heart and crown. There is a Wiyot Native myth about the ant as a messenger that a large earthquake is coming because the ant once beat the earthquake in a long and arduous game and after this became the messenger to man.

Last this could be someone who is sacrificing too much and denying themselves spiritual or other nurturing medicine.

Which one of these Mothers of Ants do you recognize either in yourself or in those around you? This matters when we look at the rest of the cards so choose wisely!

The very literal reading of this spread is that a lack of preparation in the beginning, has lead to or will lead to scarcity of an important resource through an unforeseen turn of events, or turn of the wheel of fortune. Its a warning to make sure we are prepared for what comes next, either emotionally, spiritually, or physically which could be financially or literally in the case of an earth’s resource….like water as California prepares for a drought this summer. The suit of roots represents the physical so if you want to take this as literally as possible that’s what it means.

In order to take this into a deeper meaning we have to know who the Mother of Roots represents for us.

In the first and second case are told to look at where we might need to prepare for scarcity in any of the above cases, and this ant reading is bringing us this message, that a turn of events is coming to us, and if we don’t prepare we may find ourselves in a situation of emotional, spiritual, or physical scarcity.

In the third case which is where I would read this as a root, heart, crown orientation, the cards are illustrating that you are depriving yourself of something important and that you are not connecting to something you need in the web (or wheel) of your own life, your crown energy is blocked and you are experiencing scarcity or lack in that way. In order to remedy this look further into the four directions and see what you need to reconnect with, or what you need to nurture and store up to heal your crown. The root is strong. The heart is strong – its the wheel of fortune where all things connect, and our journey is represented by the wheel. But we have scarcity in our crown which is where we connect to our creative and spiritual energy.

I hope you have enjoyed this reading, and that it has given you something to bring into your week or your own practice today.