Weekly Reading, November 7, 2021

A Story of the Two Cups

One of the most romantic cards in the deck, the two of cups represents two hearts meeting. I would like to dedicate this post to my brother and his new wife as this is the card I pulled for them on their wedding day, and it couldn’t be more fitting. The manner of meeting and how they become joined together can happen in all manner of ways, but the result is always a happy one. Here are some examples of the two of cups and their meanings. This first is the exact card for the newlyweds.

The Two of Cups in the Way Home Tarot shows two jellyfish that have met in a vast ocean, and are now effortlessly swimming peacefully and gracefully together. Everyday and every hour may not be able to feel this effortless, but that fact that you have found this in each other is miraculous. The Cups are about emotional connection which is not often effortless for a lot of us, which makes this message even more beautiful.

In the Santa Muerte Tarot the Two of Cups card shows two people who are able to be open enough with each other that they can refill each others cup and in a effortless way where this does not feel like a sacrifice. This is a joyous union created when we can find joy and solace in each other.

In the Brady Tarot cups are represented by horns and the 2 of Horns shows two Albatross and is called Union. Albatross mate for life, but only show this joyous dance at the start of the relationship. Maybe a reminder to keep dancing. They are also combining the water from their horns to form new medicine.

In the Tarot of the Divine the Two of Cups is represented by the story of Enkidu and Gilgamesh. Enkidu was created to defeat Gilgamesh, but instead Gilgamesh finally found his equal in strength. The two grappled for days, and instead of ending in one overpowering the other, it resulted in the two becoming inseparable and never wishing for the company of another. Finding someone who compliments or matches your strengths is a great thing indeed.

Weekly reading September 6, 2021

The story of the Two of Swords – the positive transformation of conflict into partnerships

Sometimes we get to a point in a project or a partnership where things don’t seem to be working like they used to. Everything feels like work , and two parts that at one point seemed to be executing in harmony are now working against each other. This is not a sign that the project, idea, or partnership is over or can no longer work. It is sign to stop and examine things, and figure out a new way to communicate, work or understand each other. If we do this, we can create something even stronger than what we had before.

Lets look at a couple of examples of this card.

First the two of swords from the Santa Muerte tarot is a scissors. If we look closer at the scissors we can see that the sharp part of the blades are facing outwards. With this configuration the scissors may not be very effective. If we stop trying to use these scissors for a second and take a look we might decide to re-orient the blades so they can work more effectively together. If we don’t stop and thing about why things aren’t working though, we might keep trying to use the scissors as they are, and eventually decide they are broken and can no longer be used. If we make the change the top of the scissors starts to represent a butterfly instead of a broken skull. The end result of any of the twos is to transform into a better version of itself.

In the second card from the Brady tarot we have the two of arrows which in this deck is called Armistice. What is an armistice specifically? Its a mutual agreement between two parties to stop fighting, but not an agreement that the war is actually over. The two parties see that they must work together in order to get through a rough part of the path, or to achieve a mutual goal. In this card a wolf and a mountain lion are working together. They are wearing blindfolds that bind them together which can mean they agree to turn a blind eye to their usual differences and work together.

The amazing thing that could happen if the two parties see how well they were able to work together is that it could turn into an actual partnership instead of the two going back to war. What a transformation if people can only see the power in that.

Lastly we have the two of swords from the Afro Brazilian Tarot. Again we have two leaders putting aside their swords to talk and understand one another. What could be the possibilities of this?

I don’t mean to make it sound easy. Putting away swords when one of the swords has always been pointed at you, your family, your project, your way of life is a very difficult thing to do. And that’s only the first step. Next you have to learn how to talk to each other without drawing swords again. But once this is achieved common ground can usually be found, and upon this common ground new things can be built.

Where is this manifesting in your life today? Do you have a “broken” pair of scissors that just needs a tune up or reconfiguration to become a new tool? Have you been in an uneasy armistice, and can you see yourself maintaining the partnership once the challenge is over? Or are you in a place where you can lay down swords and make powerful change for more than just yourself?

With so much love!

Weekly Reading July 25, 2021

Loyalty is a Double Edged Sword

One of my favorite things to do is to use multiple decks to evolve the threads of intuition. This week I started with my newly procured Angels and Ancestors Oracle Deck, and the image of the Shield Maiden. I haven’t looked up the meaning in the guidebook yet. I’m going to listen to her first. She is telling me to focus and plan carefully. Keep my sword at the ready but also my shield.

Next I pulled three cards from my Animal Totems and I Ching deck. The Card of Loyalty (Dog). Dedication, Enthusiasm Support. The corresponding I Ching Hexagram to this is 16 – Enthusiasm and talks about obedience and devotion obtained from forming an enthusiastic army.

The overall theme from this reading is the responsibility of loyalty once you have been given it from your team, and what you have a duty to do with that loyalty to make sure you are acting in the best interest of the community/team/family/yourself.

The other two cards from the Animal Totem deck were #56 (The wanderer – Distraction – Opossum – Theatrics). And #57 (The Gentle – Pursuit – Moth – Intuition/Insight). I felt that these two cards represented two different ways to treat loyalty – a healthy option and an unhealthy option. I also drew two cards from the Osho Zen tarot to augment these two choices – Sharing (Queen of Fire) and Clinging to Past (5 of water).

One way to treat loyalty is to take it for granted and continue to tie it to past events. This is a distraction and amounts to posturing. It does not respect the loyalty you have earned. It also traps yourself and your team/community/family in a box from the past instead of seeing what choices need to be made in the future. Focus on the past will not result in a positive outcome. While we should celebrate and reflect on the reasons we have formed a team or community we also have a responsibility to move forward with focus and determination. We can then put into place ideas and actions that move the team forward. Especially if we are the leader of that team or community.

Staying in and clinging to a box from the past is not loyalty – its unhealthy attachement. And there is no greater distraction from connecting with the present moment.

Instead we can share our gifts of intuition, and use insight to decide how to move the team/community/relationship forward. Loyalty is a gift, not a shackle. You can be a strong leader and still be gentle, transparent with your reasoning behind decisions, and share the rewards of any accomplishments. This is the message of the Queen of Fire – to give back freely.

And this stoking of the creative fires of the team through generosity is likely to result in even greater enthusiasm and loyalty, and a better result using the encouragement of the creative collective energy of the team.

Weekly Reading – July 18, 2021

The Page of Swords – A Key to Innovation

This week in one of my personal readings I drew the Page of Swords using the Tarot of the Divine. This card can be the harbinger of new ideas coming from a place of wit and optimism. The story behind the card in the Tarot of the Divine is that of Princess Parizade – an Arabic folktale.

A quick summary of the story is that Princess Parizade and her two brothers were set adrift on the river by their mother’s jealous sisters. A royal gardener raised them, but one day passed away and they weren’t sure who would care for them. One day Parizade was kind to an old woman who let her know about three magical objects at the top of a mountain. In order to reach the top of the mountain they would have to ignore the taunts of spirits, for if they didn’t they would be turned to stone and never reach the top. The two brothers insisted on going on the journey without Parizade, but they were unable to ignore the taunts and turned to stone. Parizade tried next. Using all of her courage and her own “Medicine”, or ideas, she decide to stick wax in her ears so she could not hear the taunts – she climbed the mountain and as the taunts came she laughed at them. She reached the top of the mountain and received the three magic objects that allowed her to heal her brothers, heal the Gardner’s garden, and discover their true lineage and return them to the home of the Sultan. It was then that they were reunited with their mother.

I decided to pull some cards from one of my favorite Oracles – the Literary Witches Oracle – to understand the page of swords further, and what I needed to unlock it. I pulled Maria Sabina who knew a thing or two about healing medicine. She was a powerful shamanic healer who used psilocybin as part of her medicine, as well as the power of her poetry. She lived in the mountains of southern Mexico.

I find it interesting that I pulled an “old woman” from a mountain with a magical story to help understand this since that’s exactly what happened in the story. Even more interesting that it emphasizes non-traditional medicine and healing a key to unlocking your own innovation.

This week I encourage you to use your own non-traditional medicine, what ever that may be, to find keys to innovation. Maybe its innovation in your own healing process, maybe its innovation in how to help others heal. Maybe its storytelling and poetry as medicine that unlocks new ideas for you.

Whatever that is trust that medicine, and you will find your own magic objects at the top of your own mountain.

Weekly Reading, June 20, 2021

Happy Summer Solstice!

The Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year which is also symbolic of having the most light to shine on your present situation. In the Spring we may have planted seeds and those seeds have started to grow. The Solstice is a time to reflect on which direction that growth may be going in, and if our intentions are still as strong as they were in the spring.

For this reading I am using a new deck for me – The Santa Muerte deck by Fabio Listrani. You might be wondering why I didn’t save this for fall, or something closer to the Day of the Dead. However I think if we just see skeletons and assume we are talking about a particular time of year we are missing the point of this deck and the deeper meanings behind Santa Muerte itself. It is a celebration of life, and the figures in it are stripped down to their core. How can you shine more light on the state of things in your present moment than that? I plan on using this deck to help others celebrate life through the readings we receive.

The Page of Chalices is someone who is curious and reflective, and may be looking for the right way to express themselves spiritually. They are open and curious and are always asking why, but they may be surrounded by many who want to give them a wide variety of answers. They have to find the answers for themselves through dedicated study on their own, and the danger is that they get distracted by illusions that give them easy answers.

The 5 of Pentacles is one of the attributes of the physical world, and the number that corresponds to the Major Arcana archetype of the Hierophant. The Hierophant walks the path in order to connect with the present moment, and therefore the knowledge of the universe and the collective subconscious. In many decks the 5 of pentacles represents either being left out in the cold ourselves, or the need to help others who have been left behind. In this deck the 5 of pentacles is the physical act of walking the path of the Hierophant. Putting one foot in front of the other in a diligent and mindful way toward the future.

The 7 of chalices represents the feeling of hope and energy toward establishing new and innovative ventures. The blue flowers planted in the summer are now blooming and a new vine of white flowers is reaching into the picture to add new hope and energy to the mix. This energy and hope is abundant and may be resulting in many choices. Its probably a good outcome for the Page of chalices.

OVERALL MESSAGE: If you walk your own path and find your own answers you will have many good choices later on. Take this solstice to examine if that is the case for you presently. If you go for easy answers and let others decide things for you, not only will you be lacking as many choices later, the choice may have already been made for you.

Weekly Reading, June 13, 2021

Trying to do too much at once?

This week I’m sharing a portion of a clarity reading I did for myself. The beginning of the spread is about what is distracting you and what to focus on instead. For my reading I got the Emperor as a distraction, and the Four of Crystals, (which is normally the suit of swords representing mental attributes.). The Four of crystals in the Voyager deck is called Logic.

It would be easy to assume that the Emperor is a male authority figure, but I get the Emperor a lot in my readings and it usually represents me. This is the benefit of getting to know yourself through multiple readings. One might even say it brings clarity. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

So if I’m the Emperor, what’s the distraction? This I intuited from the follow on card of the Four of Crystals. Interestingly enough, the four of crystals relates to the Emperor since the Emperor’s number is four. This card brings the idea of organization and structured thinking, or placing raw ideas in a pattern or structure so you can see each one and its relationship to the other ideas before deciding what to do next. It’s the ability to make a clear judgement on something.

From this reading for me the message is don’t try to improve all areas at once, or implement all ideas at once. Take a beat to organize and look for patterns before proceeding, and the best path forward may seem clearer, or less overwhelming.

It’s a reading that can apply in many situations, where can you use the Four of Crystals to bring clarity this week?

Weekly Reading, June 6, 2021

Under Pressure

The arrows are a tough road, its the road of the mind, and it can get a little dicey. In the 8 of arrows from the Brady deck we have several scrub jays pummeling a hawk with words and sometimes even nips of the beak. Not only that but it looks like 8 arrows have come from below the hawk, so it feels like its being attached from above and below.

Do you feel like you are being overwhelmed by the words of others, or by the information coming at you from the news or social media? Maybe you are just overwhelmed with an abundance of ideas and are not sure where to focus.

In any case this week’s reading seems to be trying to answer that, and it offered three options. Before I dive into the options I would remind the reader that the major arcana that corresponds to 8s of any suit is Strength, and I’m not talking just about physical strength. The first place to look in any difficulty is your own inner strength and council. Quiet your mind and find your center and then proceed accordingly.

The first option seems a little harsh. It appears the advice is to burn down the tree that you are standing on. Does that really get rid of the source of the arrows or the words though? I would think not. This is what I would call the nuclear option, and I would only use it if you are ready to take a journey to a new eco-system entirely.

Usually when I see the tower card it represents letting go of what no longer serves us. If that is the true source of the noise from the scrub jays and/or the arrows then by all means, burn down the tree and start over. But if that is not the root of the problem, then the problem will just move to the next tree with you.

Here is an interesting option. Make peace with the birds, or at least one of them. Create a union of opposing forces by uniting them with a common purpose or goal. The squawking may turn to harmony or even downright singing. It seems like a better option than burning down the tree no?

Give it a shot! See the eagle? Its a divine spirit that is presiding over the union of the whooping cranes. If you can’t think of a purpose with which to unite those in opposition look for an eagle who has already done this and seek their advice.

A third option….master the arrows. Use discipline, insight, and emotional detachment to understand what each arrows purpose is and where you can use it to your benefit. This Mother of Arrows knows that one of the arrows can be used to open a gourd and feed her young ones.

Organize the arrows and learn about each one, then master the use of each one and use the arrows as tools. Once you have done this the birds will become curious and will want to learn the tools too.

I’m sure these aren’t the only options in this scenario, and if one of these doesn’t speak to you, then I encourage you do your own reading and find one that works for you.