Wisp dreams

their dreams were wisps of smoke
they prayed for rain
through the understated mahogany of the trees

the dotted stars faded in the morning
but the wisp prayers still hung in the air
unable to be blown away in new gusts of wind

only the softly falling drops that finally came three months later
finally washed away the answered prayers
like salt being washed from a wound

the cleansing rain awoke a new dream
this time reflected in puddles that would last until the rain stopped
and the new dreams echoed into the sky
with the rays of the sun.

Weekly Reading, May 16, 2021

This week I decided to do a random one card draw from the Osho Zen Tarot and try to find a similar concept in the I Ching.

The Osho Zen Tarot is a Tarot deck which uses the basic structure of the tarot, but replaces a lot of the cards with very different concepts that are based in Zen with quotes from books by Osho.

The concepts are very interesting in this deck, but when I looked for a similar concept in the I Ching I found more of a how to behind the concept which is interesting.

This card is called Past Lives and is in the spot of the Tarot normally reserved for The Moon. The text of the guidebook mentions that while it is exciting to think about what our past lives might have been like, the real work in this life is to understand our own karmic patterns, and how we might be trapped in them.

Based on my own experience, by using deep meditation and asking the right questions we can become aware of these patterns and find answers that may help us break these cycles that do not serve us. Some of these answers may be deeply buried in our own subconscious, and we may need to wait until the right time in our lives to be able to receive this knowledge.

Paging through the vast knowledge of the I Ching I found two helpful tools or concepts in accessing the ability to break out of karmic patterns.

The first is Hexagram 20 – Wind Above, Earth Below – and is called Overview. The tool here is the ability to keep still and observe what is deep and what is shallow. This comes from cultivating a practice of stillness with awareness. In observing true nature of things we can begin to become aware of cycles both internally and externally. At this stage we don’t do anything it’s with the cycles we observe, we just learn to observe them which in and of itself takes practice.

The second is Hexagram 48 – The Well. The well is a symbol of inexhaustible nourishment throughout many cultures. In order to tap into our essential nature we must dive deep within ourselves to produce clarity and penetrate our problems and self development is the key to this, as well as potentially slowing down to allow the time to dig deep.

I hope you have enjoyed this exploration, when we cross reference tools and cultures we never know what we might find. This week I wish for you the ability to find some stillness so that you may dig deep into the the knowledge of your own well, and discover something of your own karmic patterns.