Weekly Reading, July 5, 2021

Fireworks, Darkness, and Everything in Between

The Fourth of July. Fireworks. But what are we celebrating? Colonialism? Do we have to? No we don’t. We can choose to take make our own fireworks display and illuminate injustice, and also illuminate our own paths to healing. And we can call on the help of two literary witches to do so.

Audra Lorde – whom I’ve used to represent Justice in the past, used her influence as a literary force to illuminate the truth. We have seen the truth brought to light in the most graphic and traumatic resurfacings lately through the literal unearthing of mass graves. Two near past “residential schools” for first nations children in Canada, and the mass grave near Tulsa Oklahoma as long awaited evidence of the gruesome Tulsa massacre.

It is important to use our fireworks, our light to illuminate the truth. Until we do so we cannot see who we really are as a people. Until we do so we cannot even see the wounds that we all need to work together to heal.

So then what? We rip off the bandaid, and see the gruesome wounds underneath. How do we heal, and with what medicine?

Lets ask Sylvia Plath who knew a thing or two about the dark. Sylvia used the dark to create, and while her creative process may not have created light for her, it did create light for others. The wounds she endured gave her a perspective that not too many others are capable of. We should use that perspective and persevere in our own healing processes, both as a society and personally. The veins from which we bleed also unite us. They form roots from which we are all connected.

Rumi said “The wound is the place where the light enters you.” Let the light from the fireworks illuminate that which you could not yet bring to your awareness in the past.

And finally, there is no light without the contrast of darkness. Use the light as a way to understand the outlines of darkness, and the darkness as a way to understand the boundaries of the light.

Fireworks indeed!