Weekly Reading, August 1, 2021

Rocks and Shells

This week’s exploration is using the Nocturna Oracle by Megan Wyreweden. You might think looking at these three objects that would all have a similar message, but they each have very different secret processes going on inside of them and in the case of at least two of them – you are looking at an ancient species, or something that has been percolating for hundreds of years – lets explore.

The Chambered Nautilus represents sacred geometry. What does that mean? It means that it grows according to the golden ratio, or Fibonacci series that can be found throughout nature and our universe. It is the shape of our galaxy, is the spiral pattern in sunflower seeds, and is found in the structure of our own DNA to name a few examples. The Nautilus in many ways is also a living fossil as it has remained unchanged for over 450 million years. It starts with 4 chambers and grows to create additional chambers in this spiral pattern. Each time it grows it moves into the new chamber, and uses the empty changes to regulate its own buoyancy. I would take that time to see what that means to you – how is your growth part of your own sacred geometry, and with each growth phase, what are you learning to regulate? Is it the balance of water and air, or something else entirely?

The Conch at first glance just looks like a pretty thing washed up on the beach. Its actually a type of sea snail with a very strong shell. Why then have so many cultures taken it as a ceremonial tool? A Conch is an example of all four elements coming together in a unique and balanced way. It is a strong physical shell that can be filled both with water or air. When we blow air through the conch it makes a sound that ignites our spirit through music (fire). The conch is used to start and end ceremonies in certain cultures and is even thought to be making the “om” sound used in Buddhist chanting. So maybe there is more to the Conch than just its shell. How do you balance all the elements within yourself and what ceremonies can you use to do this?

The Geode is literally a tough nut to crack. It spends hundreds of years growing a crystalized structure inside of it. There is no way to tell what kind of crystal will be found inside until you finally break it open. To me it represents solving a very long standing problem by finally cracking the code. Its the fruition of complex ideas that have been forming over a long period of time and with great effort. Have you cracked any Geodes in your life lately? If so congratulations, appreciate the beauty of what you have discovered and display it prominently in your own practice.