Inpiration in dark times

A message of hope

It’s hard to look at what is going on in the world and not see dark times. Especially when there are events that are indeed very dark. But if all we do is despair we are even more out of balance.

For me balance is a verb, not a noun. It’s something I am always activating and expanding into and adjusting. In dark times the way I balance is by adding light to the world in whatever quantity I can muster that day even if its just a tiny flame.

Today’s reading is meant to inspire that spark or flame within so that you in turn can spark that flame in others. It was done by first pulling cards and reading them intuitively, and then pulling two more cards to set an even stronger intention.

The first card is from the Enchanted Map Oracle, and its called Intention. Today I look at this card and I see that the Owl is not trying to prevent the seeds of the dandelion from being spread, and the owl isn’t not trying to force them to spread, but it is holding the dandelion in an intentional direction, so that when the wind blows the direction the seeds are planted is intentional.

What direction are you holding your dandelion? What seeds are you trying to plant, and is that just happening randomly, or can you see a way to be more intentional?

The next card I pulled is from the Way Home Tarot. The six of swords is about making a mental transition or transformation. The start of that journey was difficult, and the events that have transpired so far were not easy to overcome. But now you have a choice, will you continue on in despair or will you choose to transition and intentionally grow in a new direction? Maybe in a direction that brings more light to yourself and others.

One of my favorite cards, again pulled from the Way Home Tarot. The 10 of pentacles speaks to building not only something that strengthens your future, but strengthens the future of generations to come. If you can accomplish the transformation or transition mentioned above, this is what it has the potential to build. A place for everyone at the table. A table of abundance for generations to come, a legacy.

This is what can come from intentionally creating a tiny flame today, that grows into a fire that can warm many, and its why small tasks that can be done today should not be seen as “not enough”. Lots of intentional small flames can create a really strong light and a better balance in the world.

The next card is from the Light Seers Tarot, and I pulled this one intentionally. It reminds me of some people who inspire me, and I pull it to describe one of the tools or attributes they have that allows them to keep moving on their path, and keep lighting flames of hope along the way.

The fool is about having faith enough to start the journey. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said that faith is taking the first step without being able to see the whole staircase. The fool knows this and willingly plunges off the cliff to start the journey. Its a journey where even the first few steps are not entirely known. But when we know that a journey is one of creating light for ourselves and others intentionally, we should have this faith, and take this leap.

Its one of the actions we can take to contribute to our verb of balance. Just taking this leap starts a small spark and puts that into the world.

The last tool and the point of the whole post is the archetype of The Star also intentionally chosen from the Light Seers Tarot. The Star is hope itself, but not in a way that is distant and unreachable. When you find The Star in your life or on your path you find the string that allows you to connect to hope. There may be stages of this. The first stage might be just finding the string in the first place. The second, feeling the connection through the string to that light and that hope, and lastly, being able to add your light to this star that provides hope for all of us.

What tiny flame will you light today as you set an intention and use balance as a verb?