Weekly Reading, August 15, 2021

Understanding Your One Ring Circus

This week I had a re-occurring Oracle Card from the Enchanted Map Oracle which was the One-Ring Circus. I won’t post all of the readings I did in combination with other Oracle and Tarot decks here, but definately a big message to dive deeper into this – at least in my world, or should I say my circus. Here I pulled two cards from the Literary Witches Oracle which are shown on either side.

A ring is circular, kind of like a cycle. Sometimes we spin in that cycle over and over again without ever really completing it or looking at why we are spinning. This is overwhelming and exhausting.

Sometimes we can’t see why we are spinning on our own. When we do that we should ask for help, especially if that spinning seems too heavy. It may feel comfortable and safe to stay on the rock shown in this card, it may even feel comfortable to sit on the back of the elephant in the room, but eventually you have to face it, and you might need help doing that.

I guess I should probably get to the Hedgehog and the Spider. I am someone who bounces between the two notions of retreat and preservation (hedgehog), and reaching out and trying to connect myself and others to various parts of the universe (spider). So the overall message for me is to become aware of this and to ask myself if that is balanced or in constant spin. I’ve felt emotionally exhausted lately, and this could be one of the places to look.

Maybe these two polarities aren’t what your are spinning between or maybe its more than two things. That can feel pretty crazy. In this case I would tell you to spend time in mediation reflecting on this. Do this until you can clearly see it. Maybe talk that through with a friend or even a therapist depending on how drastic that spin is for you.

I would also point that cycles are meant to have beginnings and ends, and when we hit those beginnings and ends they can feel awfully rough. Death and rebirth are no small tasks, especially if its in a major area of your life. But they signal breakthroughs and that we may be actually breaking out of a cycle. If this is where you are at do not take this on yourself. Take care of yourself, get off the island.

With much love!