Weekly Reading, August 22, 2021

In Honor of the Sturgeon Moon

The Moon is one of later cards in the Major Arcana and represents how we realize our connection between our finite self and the infinite universe.

This month we have a blue moon as well as a sturgeon full moon, (the typical name for the August full moon). What does this power mean, and what does it caution us to be weary of?

The Moon card in the Tarot is reminiscent of the foundational archetype of the High Priestess. The Moon reflects the suns light, and it reminds us to reflect upon what energies are bouncing off of us in the present.

Unfortunately some of us might equate the introspective nature of the moon to that of a mirror. Looking at yourself in a mirror is not introspection, it is illusion and distortion. Depending on what we see in that mirror, we may become obsessed with that reflection, and never want to stop looking at it, and even worse, we may take that illusion and define ourselves by it.

Notice that none of the female spirits in the three cards above are looking up. They are all looking down or back toward a reflection or the moon. One – the Moon card from the Afro Brazilian Tarot, is fighting its own reflection. The Moon card from the Santa Muerte Tarot shows a woman who cannot see past the reflection in the water, and becomes obsessed with this illusion. The Moon card from the Divine Tarot is the story of the Japanese Fairytale of Princess Kaguya. Princess Kaguya was from the Moon and eventually had a huge decision to make, stay with her earth parents, who adopted and took care of her, or return to the moon to her moon parents. She choose the moon because she became obsessed with the robes of the moon, and she was unable to see herself as she truly had become, only as her reflection told her to be.

So what advice does the moon have to give us. Never look in the mirror? Don’t look within? Ignore the divine feminine influence of the moon?

Hardly! The advice of the moon card is to visit this place often, but not stay here permanently. Don’t get stuck in the illusion. Observe and take note. Learn new things about yourself each time you visit, but always return at the end of the night to your path where you will find a place to ground, and a time to incorporate your latest lessons from the moon.

As always with many bushels of love.